“Save the Corals” has been shouted for years, it is a topic that appears weekly in the news, right now. Coral Reefs are disappearing faster than ever. We have already lost 50% of coral reefs in the Caribbean due to human activities such as water pollution, destructive fishing practices, beach construction and other environmental hazards. But why should we care? Do you know what a coral is? Or why they are supposed to be important to you?


Looking at all the facts, the future of coral reefs does not look good. But the battle is not over yet, as there are still a few people around the world who are devoting their lives to saving the dying reefs! In the Caribbean, we found a young, driven, energetic diver named Katie who is restoring the shallow-water coral reefs together with the non-profit organisation Coral Restoration Foundation Curacao (CRFC). They use a very effective method to grow little baby corals and plant them back into the ocean. 


Sadly this is not enough… You can’t solve such a disastrous problem on your own. This is why CRFC strongly believes in involving local divers, students, tourists and kids to pass along their knowledge, method and love for the corals.

Katie’s determination is inspiring. With this documentary, we want to tell the story of a young inspiring diver who puts all her energy and effort into rebuilding such an incredibly precious and important part of our ecosystem!



Our main reason to want to tell this story is not just because it is an interesting story to tell, but it is also an important story to tell. The problem is happening right now in multiple places around the world, from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef all the way to Curaçao’s beautiful coral reefs in the Caribbean. We care about this story and recognise its importance by doing something right now. We focus on a solution, together! With our documentary and campaign, we want to reach a diverse audience, so people in The Netherlands, Curaçao, the Caribbean and the rest of the world, can be inspired by Katie, that no matter who they are, even they can do something.


We are looking for people who can become just as proud of this project as we are, we are looking for people who can help us tell this story! We will distribute this documentary to various film festivals in the Caribbean and in Europe. This documentary will be used for educational purposes on the island as well, we aim to show this film at 65% of the schools in Curcaçao and thereby teach pupils aged 12-16 about the importance of coral and inspire them with Katie's story as well.