We are Steff Donkers and Sara Cornelissen we are two young filmmakers who are passionate about the passion of others. We want to dedicate a film to the people who put all their effort into saving and restoring coral, that is 'overlooked' by so many others. 


Steff grew up in Curacao and has been diving since she was 11 years old. She loves the Island and its beautiful reefs with it, however, she never knew how important those reefs really were until she met Katie. Sara grew up in the Netherlands and never even dived in her entire life, but she loves to contribute to a better world and hopes that one day everybody will know as much about coral and its uniqueness as she does right now. 


With both a completely different background they started doing research about coral reefs and read al the disturbing news about entire coral reefs dying and disappearing. They learned about the small group of people who do know a lot about coral reefs and care so much that they are putting all their energy and effort into researching and rebuilding the reefs. soon enough they realised that the organisations that are rebuilding this incredibly important part of our ecosystem are very little and that they can not do it alone. 

We are writing, directing, producing and editing this documentary ourselves, but of course, can’t make this film alone.

We work with the most talented people on Curaçao and in the Netherlands with the necessary experience and skills to create this film. We captured our footage with Caribbean Legacy BV who shared their equipment and best camera duo Guus Visser & Luigino Kauw A Tjoe, who filmed all the amazing footage above water, and had Erwin Dumoulin create some awesome 360° videos for us! With Arne Richter and Liene Muzikante from Turtle & Ray Productions, we filmed the incredible corals and restoration dives underwater. Auris Media helps us tell this story emotionally by composing music and doing the sound design, especially for this film. And finally, Mengwerk is taking this documentary to a higher level with their final touches in colour and audio correction!



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